Welcome to the online Home of The Raleigh BCM. Here at The Raleigh BCM our mission is to “Equip a Missional Community to Engage the Campus and Serve the Local Church.” This is not just a few buzz words clumped together into a mission statement. This is how we are going to change this city for the glory of God. Although we do meet once a week we believe true change comes through one on one discipleship. Throughout all of what we do we drive home two main ideas:


We want to equip students and give them the tools they need to effectively reach the Raleigh area for Christ. This is done by keeping scripture at the center of all we do as the inspired word of God. We continuously dive into Gods word expanding our knowledge of who God is. We believe theology is important, but correct theology creates a need for action.


This is the action. We encourage and teach our students how to actively evangelize others on their campus and how to lead and disciple other believers. We hold regular events on campus as well as in the BCM building. We also partner with local churches in the area and encourage all of our students to be a part of the local church. The local church is important to us and we are here to serve and help the local church, not replace it.

We do all of this to make the name of Christ known in Raleigh. To learn more about how you can get involved contact us.